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    The only thing worse than your client having no environmental insurance when they experience a  pollution event - is finding out the environmental policy you placed won’t cover the claim. Environmental policies are unlike any other and present a coverage minefield to the uniniated. 

    An inaccurate application response, a few additional or missing words hidden in a stack of endorsements or a single document innocently missing from your submission can easily lead to a claim denial.

    If you are like most agents that really don’t know much about pollution insurance then you should not be putting your agency at risk of making a mistake that can ruin a customer relationship and trigger a major Errors and Omissions claim. PBC Environmental has the knowledge and experience to understand your clients pollution risk and assure that they receive the correct coverage.

    For more information, please contact:

    John Butler
    Vice President
    Office: 212-338-2941

    Patrick Criscuola
    Assistant Vice President
    Office: 212-338-2970 

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