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    The only thing worse than your client having no environmental insurance when they experience a pollution event - is finding out the environmental policy you placed won’t cover the claim. Environmental policies are unlike any other and present a coverage minefield to the uninitiated. An inaccurate application response, a few additional or missing words hidden in a stack of endorsements or a single document innocently missing from your submission can easily lead to a claim denial.

    If you are like most agents that really don’t know much about pollution insurance then you should not be putting your agency at risk of making a mistake that can ruin a customer relationship and trigger a major E&O claim. PBC Environmental has the knowledge and experience to understand your clients' pollution risk and assure that they receive the correct coverage.

    For more information, please contact:

    John Butler
    Vice President
    Office: 212-338-2941

    Patrick Criscuola
    Assistant Vice President
    Office: 212-338-2970