Pay My PBC Bill

We've made paying your PBC invoiced insurance premiums easier!

Our new, interactive portal allows you to view your outstanding invoices, manage your bank accounts and make payments electronically (ACH/EFT) with ease.

The PBC Pay My Bill portal* is designed only to pay insurance premium invoices that have been billed and sent directly to you by PBC. If your invoices are billed directly by your insurance carrier, please see your insurance carrier invoice for payment details and instructions on how to pay.


US Based Clients


How can I register to start using the portal?

You can use the URL links above to register and activate your portal profile. Steps are easy:

1. Navigate to the Register tab on the portal, fill in the required fields and click Activate

2. You'll receive an email with a link and instructions on how to activate your account

3. New, you'll be guided to the portal to validate your account

  a. You will need your Customer ID and Zip Code, which can be found on your most recent PBC invoice

  b. If unable, to locate, please reach out to your Account Manager

4. One validated, you may view your outstanding invoices and start make payments!


How can I use the portal to pay my PBC invoiced premium?

Click here for step by step instructions!


Where can I find my Customer ID and Zip Code?

Your Customer ID and Zip Code are located on your most recent PBC invoice.

Why am I unable to register?

Confirm that your Customer ID and Zip Code match your most recent PBC invoice.

Reach out to your Account Manager for additional assistance, and to confirm that your invoices are directly owed to PBC.


Why haven’t I received my activation email?

Please check your spam/junk folder as the activation email might have been filtered there.


How do I reset my password?

On the portal's Login tab, you may click on Forgot Password and follow the self-serve instructions.


Why am I not able to see my PBC invoice?

Please reach out to your Account Manager to make sure you have been billed in our system. Otherwise, the portal will only show your PBC invoiced premiums. If your premiums are billed directly by your insurance company, please see your insurance company invoice for payment details.


Who can I reach out to if there are discrepancies with my invoice?

Your regional Account Managers are a great resource to help you work through any questions regarding your invoices and the portal.


Can I pay my invoices using my credit card?

No, this portal currently does not offer the ability to pay invoices via Credit Card.


When will I see the funds taken out of my account?

Funds will be taken out approximately 24 hours after you have initiated payment, and your client account will reflect this payment approximately 48 hours after.


*By clicking [Pay Here], you acknowledge that you are entering a payment processing service portal of Financial Transmission Network, Inc., ("FTNI") and that your use of the portal is subject exclusively to the terms of use and other policies of FTNI.